Scotland has some of the toughest renewable energy targets in the world to meet our climate change targets. Learn about how much energy Scotland produces and how it is generated.

In 2011, Scotland accounted for 60% of European Union oil production, and approximately a third of EU total hydrocarbon production.

The Environmental Science and Biology ‘codes’ underneath each link refer to the Higher and National 5 Resource guides produced by Education Scotland. These can be accessed in the ‘Resources’ section of (N.B. you will need a glow log in to access.)

The Geography ‘codes’ listed below will link to the SQA Unit Specifications.

Early & first level



  • Distance travelled by vehicles on all roads in Scotland, 1993–2010 - Which vehicles cause the most pollution in Scotland? This graph can be used as a discussion starter. Click on the diagram to view a larger version.
  • Renewable energy (PDF) - How much of our energy comes from renewable sources?
  • Main sources of energy in Scotland (PDF) - What are the main sources of energy in Scotland and what is their impact on the environment?
  • Hydroelectric map - Where does Scotland produce hydroelectricity? This maps shows all the hydro power locations in Scotland. Are there any near your school?
  • Windfarms in Scotland - Are there wind farms in your area? Use the map to find out where they can be found and if any are planned near you.
  • Energy - For teachers: Information about energy from Eco-schools UK.
  • Resources - For teachers: Resources about renewable energy from Practical Action.
  • Energy kids - For teachers: Resource for teachers about energy from USA Energy Information Agency.


Have a go

Second, third, fourth & senior level









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