Help us to find out how far this introduced species of flatworm has spread

New Zealand flatworm survey Flickr - © OPAL Explore Nature

Project topic: Habitats and species

The New Zealand Flatworm was introduced into the UK in the 1960s and feeds on earthworms. We need your help to find out how far this flatworm has spread and what influence it is having on the environment.

How to identify flatworms

The New Zealand Flatworm is a flat, ribbon-like organism, and has a dark purple-brown upper surface with pale margins and a creamy pale underside.

They are usually about 0.3-1cm wide and 5-15 cm long and are pointed at both ends and covered in sticky mucus. Their egg capsules look like blackcurrants, though smaller, and contain about 7 young flatworms, so it’s important to spot these and not move them to new locations.

This page was last updated on 01 Aug 2017

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