The Polli:Nation survey is a large-scale national survey that will provide answers to important research questions about the health and status of pollinating insects across the UK. You can contribute to this research by becoming a citizen scientist and surveying your local patch (school grounds, park or garden) for pollinators.

Polli:Nation survey Flickr - © OPAL Explore Nature

Project topic: Habitats and species

The survey gives you the opportunity to learn about pollinators and your local environment, get outside and learn new skills, and to contribute to important scientific research. The survey is for everyone, not just the registered Polli:Nation schools. So whether you don’t yet know your Honeybees from your Hoverflies, or you are a Lepidopteran (Butterflies and Moths) expert this survey is for you! No prior experience is necessary to take part in the survey; it has been designed for people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. The Survey Booklet will guide you through the survey methodology step-by-step, and if you need any extra help you can refer to the Group Leader Support Guide.

This page was last updated on 01 Aug 2017

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