Help us collect data on the whereabouts of frog and toad spawn across the country by taking part in our PondNet Spawn Survey 2018!

PondNet spawn survey 2018 © Copyright Freshwater Habitats Trust

Project topic: Habitats and species

If you have a local park or garden pond with evidence of breeding frogs and toads, or you spot some spawn while out on a walk, why not record your findings and contribute to our spawn survey?

From the beginning of February until the end of May this year, for the second year, we will be running our survey to collect important data on the location of breeding frogs and toads across the country. We’re asking you to record both toad and frog spawn in your garden ponds, local community ponds, and any ponds you come across in your adventures in the countryside.

Enter your results online at the Freshwater Habitats Trust website.

This page was last updated on 09 Apr 2018

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