There are thousands of man made and natural obstacles in Scotland’s rivers. Some of them present a barrier to the movement of fish like salmon and trout, or a hazard to people using canoes and kayaks. With the help of a new mobile app, you can help us find out where they all are and improve them.

River obstacles River Fruin - © SEPA

Project topic: Water

There are thousands of man made and natural obstacles in Scotland's rivers. Many of the man made obstacles perform important functions - for example dams, sluices, weirs and road culverts - but they can also cause problems such as restricting the movement of fish, damaging river banks and beds, and posing a hazard to people using boats, canoes and kayaks.

We know where many of these obstacles are and what kind of impacts they cause, but we suspect that there are many more obstacles that we don’t know about, particularly in the more remote, upland areas of the UK. For this reason the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), the Rivers and Fisheries Trust for Scotland (RAFTS) and the Environment Agency (EA) have joined forces with the Nature Locator team to create a brand new, free to use mobile app for iphone and android devices that will enable people to send in photos and details of obstacles that they see when they’re out and about either on, in or by the UK’s rivers.

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