Increasing amounts of data are being published and shared to improve our understanding, inform decision making, and underpin research. Here are links to recommended sources of trusted and authoritative data.



The Scottish Government

Air quality data

Options to retrieve data relating to air quality in Scotland from the present day back to 1986.



Met Office

Data point

Provides access to the Met Office’s Public Sector Information (PSI) data sets using an Application Program Interface (API).


Habitats and species


Natural Spaces

Natural Spaces allows you to download a wide range of the spatial data held by NatureScot. You can browse through the data available, and use your NatureScot account to access the data in several GIS formats.

Forestry Commission Scotland

Forestry Commission Open Data

This is the Forestry Commission’s Open Data Site for spatial data that can be used in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Scottish Forestry

Scottish Forestry Open Data

This is Scottish Forestry's Open Data portal. You can view, query and download a wide variety of geospatial data that can be used in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

NBN Atlas Scotland

NBN Atlas Scotland

The NBN Atlas Scotland is a portal of the NBN Atlas, a collaborative project that aggregates biodiversity data from multiple sources and makes it available and usable online. It is the country’s largest collection of freely available biodiversity data.



The James Hutton Institute

Scotland’s soils data

Soils data available for download, split into the following categories of soil maps (including 1:25,000 Soil Map (partial cover), 1:250,000 Soil Map (national cover)); point data (including National Soils Inventory for Scotland); thematic data and capability maps.

The Scottish Government

Scottish Remote Sensing Portal

Find, share and reuse remote sensed data provided by Scottish public sector organisations. The site currently serves as hub for Scottish Public Sector LiDAR data which you can download by 10km tiles and web services.


People and the environment

Historic Environment Scotland

Heritage portal – spatial downloads

Datasets that are available for download and links to additional resources.

Scottish Public Health Observatory

Scottish Public Health Observatory

Easy access to information about the range of data sources available to help those working to improve population health in Scotland



Scotland’s aquaculture

Scotland’s aquaculture data

Provides access to a range of information about aquaculture in Scotland

Marine Scotland

Marine Scotland INFORMATION

A central location where users can search, view and download various maps and data.

Marine Scotland

Marine Scotland DATA

a platform for publishing datasets with associated digital object identifiers (DOI's)




Environmental data

A range of datasets related to the environment, published by SEPA

The Scottish Government


Access a range of official statistics about Scotland

The Scottish Government

Scottish spatial data infrastructure

Scotland’s catalogue of spatial data where you can find, share and reuse spatial data provided by Scottish public sector organisations

Improvement Service

Local authority spatial data hub

Web portal for the upload, download and consumption of spatial data from Scotland’s local and national park authorities.

Find data published by UK government departments and agencies, public bodies and local authorities.

European open data portal

European open data portal

The single point of access to a growing range of data from the institutions and other bodies of the European Union (EU).

The James Hutton Institute

Natural Asset Register

A Natural Asset Register Data Portal, funded by Scottish Government.


This page was updated on 26 Aug 2020

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