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The gateway to everything you want to know about Scotland’s environment. This website brings together environmental information and data in one place so that is easy to search, discover, analyse and interpret.

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Find out more about the issues facing Scotland’s environment

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Scotland's environment map

Discover spatial data published by our partner organisations

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Search a range of features and environmentally sensitive areas

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Who are we?

A multi-agency partnership delivering environmental information and data

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Scotland’s environment web partners

Scotland’s environment web is a shared environmental hub for the EELG – Economy, Environment and Leadership Group and other contributing partners. This website relies on the expertise, knowledge, data and information provided by our valued partners. Find out more about our partners

Part of Scotland’s environment web

Through partnerships and collaborations, Scotland’s environment web is a growing network of interconnected, trusted and authoritative sources of environmental, data and information – find out more

Scotland's soils

Data and information on Scotland’s soils

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Scotland’s aquaculture

Data about the aquaculture industry in Scotland

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Scotland’s noise

View maps of noise from road, rail, air traffic & industry

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NBN Atlas Scotland

Data on plants, animals and habitats in Scotland

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Scotland’s videos

We have a range of videos about environmental issues and how to collect environmental data on our YouTube channel.