Scotland’s environment web partners have produced a range of useful maps that will help you find trusted and authoritative data.



The Scottish Government - Air quality monitoring

Air quality monitoring

Scottish Government

Interactive map to explore different Scottish air quality monitoring sites and see detailed site information and the latest pollution measurements.


Habitat and species

Scottish Forestry - map viewer

Map viewer

Scottish Forestry

Explore and discover information about Scotland’s woodlands and forests.

Forestry and Land - Find a forest

Find a forest

Forestry and Land Scotland

Use this map to find a forest near you that cater to a range of outdoor interests and activities

NBN Atlas Scotland

NBN Atlas Scotland

National Biodiversity Network

Search for species recordings within your local area.

Horticultural Magazine

Japanese Knotweed Map

Horticultural Magazine

Search for species recordings within your local area.



Scotland’s soils maps

part of Scotland's environment web

A range of different maps providing data about Scotland’s soils


People and the environment

Scottish Government - Scotland heat map

Scotland heat map

Scottish Government

An interactive and simplified version of the full Scotland heat map. Business, developers, housing associations and communities can find out about the heat demand and supply opportunities.

Historic Environment Scotland - HLAMap

Historic Land-Use Assessment Map (HLAMap)

Historic Environment Scotland

Compare modern-day land use and past land use across Scotland using this interactive online map.

Historic Environment Scotland - Past map

Past Map

Historic Environment Scotland

Locate details of archaeological and historic sites held in Scotland’s national and local historic environment records.

Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk

Scotland’s coastal heritage at risk

Scottish Coastal Archaeology and the Problem of Erosion (SCAPE)

Coastal erosion is a natural process, but surveys have shown that thousands of archaeological sites and historic remains are threatened with destruction.

The Scottish Government - Scotland's noise map

Scotland’s noise maps

Scottish Government

Provides information about environmental noise to the public – as required by the Environmental Noise (Scotland) Regulations 2006.



Marine Scotland - NMPi

National Marine Plan Interactive (NMPi)

Marine Scotland

Designed to assist in the development of national and regional marine planning.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency flood maps

Flood maps

Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Maps show areas which are likely to flood from rivers, the sea and surface water.

This page was updated on 07 Jun 2019

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