Scotland’s Environment aims to provide a website that is usable and accessible to all. Our objective is to conform to guidelines and standards for UK Government websites, which support the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 at Level AA. These guidelines ensure that we achieve and maintain an appropriate accessibility standard and that our website is inclusive.

Please contact us with any accessibility issues you may have using Scotland’s environment website, so we can better understand and try to provide you with information you require in a different format.

Accessibility and maps

Digital maps provide enormous amounts of data via vision, and as such can compromise our delivery of accessibility. Scotland’s environment website has several interactive map tools featuring a whole range of datasets. Certain datasets are available to download in an alternative format.

Our Land Information Search has an open data licence and the data used in this application is freely available to download from both the Forestry Commission Scotland, and Historic Environment Scotland Data Services.

If you have any problems accessing any information on Scotland’s environment website including map datasets then please contact us with the details of information you require and we will try to help.

This page was last updated on 28 Jul 2017

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