Our objective is to increase our knowledge of the nature and distribution of the animals, plants and fungi of the islands of the Outer Hebrides and make this information available to everyone.

Biological recording in the Outer Hebrides

Project topic: Habitats and species

We already know a great deal about the birds and some of the plants of the islands, in comparison our knowledge of most of the invertebrates and fungi is very limited. Every record is important. It is exciting to find a rare species or one that has not been previously recorded in the islands; however, it is equally important to record the common species.

By combining records from individual recorders and organised surveys we can begin to form a more detailed and accurate picture our wildlife: which species are present, where they are found and their status - common or rare, resident or migrant.

The number of biological recorders resident in the islands is very small; however, the efforts of a small group of active recorders or even one person can significantly increase our knowledge.

To encourage more people to participate we organise workshops and activity days for beginners and provide ongoing support for active recorders to help them expand and improve their skills.

If you are interested in wildlife and would like to know how to begin recording we can help you make a start.

This page was last updated on 29 Mar 2022

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