North Harris has an extensive network of paths and tracks which is unique in the Western Isles where there are otherwise few well established paths.

Footpaths Guided walk at Rhenigidale © North Harris Trust

Project topic: Land

Many of the paths were established long ago as routes between townships, and some were then upgraded for use as stalking paths when North Harris was run as a Victorian shooting estate.

Come and join other like minded volunteers to rebuild and repair the beautiful core paths of North Harris. All tools will provided along with training.

Path maintenance is a great way to really get up close and personal with the environment and ensure that people will be able to enjoy these paths for years to come!

In recent decades several paths have been neglected, with drains becoming blocked and parts of paths becoming eroded or overgrown. However, since the North Harris Trust was formed, path restoration has been a priority, as maintaining the path infrastructure is a key element in promoting the enjoyment of the landscape and natural heritage of the area.

This page was last updated on 29 Mar 2022

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