Calling all beach lovers! Your beach needs you! The Marine Conservation Society is looking for volunteers to head to their local beach to help take part in a beach clean and litter survey to help turn the tide on marine litter.

Great British beach clean © The great British beach clean

Project topic: Habitats and species

The Great British Beach Clean is the largest beach clean and survey in the UK. It’s the biggest event for the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch Programme which helps people around the UK care for their coastline.

The data from this national beach cleaning and litter surveying programme has helped inspire action against some of the most significant impacts on beach litter ever. The plastic bag charge, microplastics banned in personal care products, better wet wipe labelling, and massive support for a tax on 'on the go' plastic single use items have all been supported by the evidence collected by our wonderful volunteers.

But it's not job done. We need to gather more and more data to wage war on other types of beach litter, and you can help. Every September, take a stand to protect our beaches against beach litter and take part in the Great British Beach Clean!

To find out more head to or contact

The next Great British Beach Clean will run from 18th –  25th September 2020

This page was last updated on 05 Jan 2018

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