If you have bats in your property then you can help us by taking part in the roost counts. You count the numbers of bats emerging from roosts at sunset on two evenings during the summer survey period.

Roost count © Alex Burgess

Project topic: Habitats and species

Do you know of a bat roost near you, or do you have bats roosting on your property? Help us monitor how different bat species are faring across the UK by taking part in the roost count. All you need to do is to count bats emerging from the roosts on two or more evenings during the summer. It's easy to take part!

You can sign up to monitor roosts for any bat species. Out of the species that occur in Scotland, at present we are able to produce roost count trends for common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle, Natterer's bat and brown long-eared bat as they often roost in buildings, making them easier to monitor.

To find out more information about the roost count please visit The Bat Conservation Trust website

This page was last updated on 03 Oct 2016

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