Help us find out how Daubenton’s bat populations are faring. You record bat activity using a bat detector to listen and a torch to observe simple visual clues.

Waterway survey © Jules Agate

Project topic: Habitats and species

For this survey, you walk a route along a 1km stretch of water allocated to you on two evenings during August.

Keen to try out your bat detecting skills? Why not try out this survey monitoring activity of Daubenton's bats along a waterway near you? The survey method is straightforward and is ideal to try if you are relatively new to bat detecting, and still great fun if you have more experience! By taking part you can help us monitor how this species is faring across the UK. You will need a heterodyne (tuneable) bat detector and a torch. Daubenton's bats have a distinctive flight pattern and it is fascinating to watch them as they skim low over the water, often picking insects off the surface.

To find out more information about the waterway survey please visit The Bat Conservation Trust website

This page was last updated on 13 Feb 2020

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