Help SEPA to assess water scarcity stress and forecast, monitoring and report of the situation facing Scotland's water resources.

Water scarcity river example


SEPA is responsible for the forecast, monitoring and report of the situation facing Scotland's water resources and usually produces a report between May and September.

Why is it relevant? 

SEPA continually assesses the impacts of prolonged periods of drier than average weather on our environment. If dry weather continues, as we expect it will with climate change, the areas affected will grow.

How can I help?

You can help us by reporting dry private water supplies and rivers and burns etc. in your area. This will help us have the best possible understanding of the impacts of dry weather.

Tell us about:

  • Dry private water supplies (e.g. wells and springs)
  • Rivers with isolated pools separated by stretches that are dry or have only a trickle of water.
  • Distressed or dead fish or invertebrates
  • Large numbers of dead plants on parts of the river bed that are rarely exposed
  • A lot of exposed algae over 100s of metres, combined with very low flows

Send us:

  • Name of the river or burn
  • Location – a grid reference is helpful but anything to point to a location is helpful
  • Description of the signs of water scarcity stress
  • A photograph if possible - preferably with a reference point or scale

Please note that by submitting photographs to SEPA you accept these can be used for marketing and communications purposes. You retain copyright of the original photograph. If you would like to be credited in the use of photographs please state the credit information in your submission or alternatively let us know if you do not want the photograph used for any other purpose than to assess water scarcity.

Contacts and other important information 

The main information page with links to Water Scarcity Situation reports and advice about water scarcity is:

Water scarcity | Scottish EnvironmentProtection Agency (SEPA)

What to look for and how to report potential water scarcity situations to SEPA is:

Water scarcity in your area | Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Email your information to:

This page was added on 19 Jan 2021

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