We take good care of your personal data and are committed to receiving, responding and tracking your enquiries to resolution.

1. Receiving

Queries received from the contact us form on Scotland’s environment website and direct emails to seweb.administrator@sepa.org.uk are logged in a call tracking system.

Information stored on each call includes:  

  • name
  • e-mail address
  • details of the enquiry including any additional information the client chooses to include in the message i.e. mobile number
  • record of any communications required to resolve the call
  • a unique call reference number

 2. Responding

Each call will be responded to with any relevant information being e-mailed to the person enquiring. In order to provide an appropriate response, it may sometimes be necessary to share the information stored with some or all of the following parties:

  • SEPA staff – developers and lead knowledge expert relating to the query

When a partner organisation other than SEPA is best placed to provide an appropriate response to a call, the client is sent relevant contact details along with any supporting hyperlinks, documents etc. Client e-mail details are not passed to partner organisations (other than SEPA), without the permission of the client.

Response times to complete calls are driven by SEPA Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 4 working weeks; calls are prioritised so more urgent calls can be addressed, andevery effort will be made to resolve each call within the agreed timescale.

3. Tracking

A record of each call is held in the call tracking system until the call has been resolved and the enquirer has been provided with a suitable response to their enquiry. The call can then be closed.

4. Scotland’s environment web – associated websites

The seweb.administrator@sepa.org.uk address services both the Scotland’s environment contact us form and the Scotland’s soils contact us form.

The Scottish Government supports the Scotland’s noise contact us and SEPA supports the Scotland's aquaculture website contact us.

This page was reviewed on 20 Nov 2019

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